The 3 Things Most People
Don't Know About The Law of Attraction

We’ve read about it, seen movies about it, a lot of people TALK about it, and yet so few truly understand the concept in any real depth.

Like my good friend and mentor Bob Proctor once told me; There is a difference between knowing ABOUT something and having learned it…

We may know about the Law of Attraction but haven’t learned anything until we consistently attract more of what we want into our lives.

In this week’s Insights to Impossible, you and I uncover three things that most do not understand, and this new awareness will help you integrate and understand just a little better. Better IS a good word, so let’s make sure we commit and incorporate a little more of it this week.

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To higher vibes and your success in 2022,


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One Response

  1. Hej Ander,

    Tak for endnu en forklaring på disse vanskelige begreber.
    Jeg tror ikke, at jeg nogensinde kommer til at forstå dem — og kunne anvende dem.

    Med venlig hilsen

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