From the image above do you see an elephants silhouette or bear paws or something completely different?

Change the way you look at something and the thing you look at changes…
Wayne Dyer

You probably have heard that “the hand is quicker than the eye” as it relates to magic and illusionists. That, too, like many other statements from magicians, is untrue, of course. The hand is NOT quicker than the eye, but what prevents you from “seeing” the obvious is your perception. OR a perception that is locked into one perspective, I should say. You cannot see when perception blindspots block the mind.

The older we get, the more this happens. An illusion cannot exist without assumptions in the mind of the audience. In the same way that magic becomes easier and easier when there is a limited perception, the same holds true in reverse. The bigger the “picture,” the more open-minded a person is, the more solutions they see to the trick, AND to everything else in their lives.

In this week’s video, I illustrate this with an illusion and then goes on to share how you too can change your perception effectively in your own life. Enjoy!
Now it’s your turn! Challenge your perception daily, and solutions you never thought of will come into view. The problem is rarely outside of yourself. It’s in your perception of the problem where the trouble OR the magic happens.

To renewed perspectives and solutions,

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