If nothing is created nor destroyed, and everything is energy, wouldn’t it makes sense to REALLY understand how we channel it and protect ourselves and our goals to the best of our ability?

I think so – which I why I decided to let this month’s newsletter be all about that.

Here are three tips you can apply RIGHT away that will help you tremendously in this effort, and you will find that the payoff is HUGE!

These concepts aren’t something I just happen to know something about – I lived this and continue to do so, and my results keep improving. But that wasn’t always the case. The precursor for my life taking off was me taking much better care of where my energy went. Until then, I was the “yes” person to everyone around me; even if I didn’t FEEL like spending time with people, I would still do it out of “courtesy.” What I’ve come to realize is that it was a form of self-betrayal instead.

In this video, you’ll learn:

1. How to understand your environment and the impact it has on your goals
2. What boundaries are and how to set them
3. How to harness the power of forgiveness properly
(little known secret most people miss)

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Bring the power of Forgiveness, Hope, and Inclusion into your home by watching “The Ravine.” A masterpiece of a movie, produced by my two great friends, Kelly and Robert Pascuzzi.

The film is released on most major streaming platforms on Friday, May 6th! The movie is now available for pre-order on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Please make sure you help yourself by helping them (everything is energy, remember, what you put out, you get back!) and pre-ordering the movie TODAY!

Go to Apple TV or Amazon Prime (direct links below) and pre-order The Ravine.


Let’s only channel our energy this month in directions that align with our highest aim and potential.

With love from America’s newly sworn-in citizen,

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