3 Illusions to Impossible
by Anders Hansen

Use the Magic Surrounding You to Destroy the Illusions Holding You Back

I’m Anders Hansen, an illusionist with an eye for the magic at the core of the world. I see it flowing through reality, beckoning to the unaware to grab hold of it and transform their lives.

I am living my Purpose, using my illusions to gather the dreamers and teach them how to reveal life’s real illusions and step into their true, strong, and fulfilled selves.

In this book, 3 Illusions to Impossible, I use my knowledge of real magic to show you 3 illusions that are holding you back from living your dreams.

I’ll help you to:

  • Destroy the Illusion of what you are capable of achieving and what you deserve.
  • Unveil the Illusion of Who You Think You Are and begin seeing yourself in your true power.
  • Hack the Illusion of Fear and let real magic flow through you with power.

Light the flame of the life of your dreams. Download my eBook, and start using the Real magic all around you.