Work with Anders


Mind-Magic Mastermind

Are you ready to bring your ideas to life?

Join a small group (15 limit) of powerful, like-minded individuals for a laser-focused two day virtual Mastermind event.  We will dive deep into Real Magic success principles employed by the world’s wealthiest and most innovative men and women to identify where your habitual thinking must change in order to take a quantum leap in your business, your relationships, and ultimately, your life.


Your Magic Minute

Do You Have a Minute to Change Your Life?

In Your Magic Minute, you will receive daily, life-changing audio lessons straight from Anders. As your personal mentor, he will guide you through the powerful topics each day that you need in order to bring your best life to fruition.

Real Magic LIVE

Personal Transformation Meets the Art of Illusion

In the first experience of its kind, Real Magic LIVE brings together a personal transformational seminar and a show in one life-changing and interactive experience spanning 3 days.  Anders brings his 20+ years of performing and intense personal growth studies to help you instantly see through your own illusions and experience the “REAL MAGIC” there is in achieving the “impossible” dreams you desire.

Real Magic Masterclass

Discover and Overcome the Illusions of Your Mind

A 6 month online course that helps you overcome the limitations wrought by the illusions of your mind. You’ve picked up a lot of false information that tricks you into selling yourself short. It’s time to unlearn all of that and start living the life that you deserve by stepping into the REAL Magic within.

The Secret to Real Magic

Break Away from Your Habitual Way of Living

In this 12-month program, Anders Hansen and Bob Proctor will assist you in expanding your level of awareness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in the original, award-winning personal development series of recordings, Lead the Field. Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to these 12 mind-expanding, life-enhancing, explosive and relevant segments.

Mind Mastery Circle

Take a Quantum Leap in Your Results

This is highly intensive hands-on coaching and study group spanning 6 intensive months working with Anders on a weekly basis. This is for serious students, entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to catapult their results in record speed.

Real Magic Coaching


You can choose to lead a better life while helping others defeat the illusions that hold them back.

If you have the desire to work with other people and help them overcome the limitations created by the illusions in their minds, while creating your own successful business, the Real Magic Coaching Program is for you.

Complimentary Strategy Session

Our team of coaches personally trained by Anders, are standing by to take you through a Real Magic Strategy Session.

During the session we’ll help you:

Become clear on what it is you really want and crystallize your goals.

Identify limiting beliefs that are subconsciously sabotaging you from moving ahead.

Create a plan and action steps for your path forward to new results.

We’ll also share with you how a Real Magic coaching program can cut down your timeline to success as we support you every step of the way toward the finish line.

Copy of the E-Book,

3 Illusions to Impossible

And begin using the Magic
already around and within you,
to overcome the illusions in
your life holding you back.