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Showing you the right way to set and achieve goals
that most perceive to be impossible.

You know that there is a life worthy of you, just waiting for you to claim it.

Yet, it seems out of reach.

You have been searching for the key to unlock the door to your true desires. Your dreams are clear, but they seem impossible to grasp.

Until now.

This program contains the secret key you’ve been looking for – the one that unlocks your unlimited potential and brings out the real magic inside of you.

Watch Anders in action as he takes you through over 90-minutes packed with
perspective-altering content (+ illusions!) that will teach you:

How the way you see yourself completely dictates your level of success and how to CHANGE your self-image at the root for permanent results.

How to engineer
“Impossible Goals”

and the steps to bring them
into your reality

How to create expansion and growth in your life and your results in all areas as we work together to implement a primary law that ensures success.


Anders Hansen is an experienced illusionist — and an expert on the illusions that limit our access to our full potential.

Anders uses the concept of magic as a means of elevating our conversation about our own limitations. He creates visual and sensory
experiences that drive the ideas and concepts conveyed to take deep root in your mind.  He offers tangible tips and tools for anyone who needs to break their own limiting illusions to achieve their dreams.

In The Art of Achieving Impossible Goals, Anders challenges you to rethink your preconceptions and open your mind to the realm of personal possibility.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

“I don’t care where you are, if you see that this man is holding a seminar, at any cost - get there.”

-Bob Proctor

What People Say About Anders...

It is highly evident from your first interaction with Anders that he truly and deeply cares about connecting with and helping others. He is an impeccable speaker with even better shoes and I loved all of the “Real Magic!”

– Dannie De Novo

Anders combines and focuses ideas of spirituality, wealth, and a divine idea of how to practice living authentically and harmoniously with ourselves and others while also implementing tools to help better navigate this existence. 

- Mike Mckeys

This is the most life-changing event I have ever attended. Anders reaches inside you and shows you how to maximize your potential by unlocking the power of your subconscious mind. Get to a seminar when you can and change your life.

- Ron Cooper


You are right for the program if you are a person who can follow direction, dream beyond your current reality AND are committed to results.

You access the program through the program portal, which you gain access to right after enrolling.

You will learn how to shift your deep-rooted subconscious conditioning for results that serve you, for many years to come.

There is no general rule, however, you have already made a lifelong commitment to dressing, eating and grooming yourself, so wouldn’t it make sense if you spent around 30-60 min. daily to your own mindset growth?

Yes, the program portal, modules and access to Anders and his team can be done through a mobile device.

The program starts NOW at the moment you enroll; There is never as good of a time, as the present!

The is a guarantee that you will get the results you desire, as long as you stick to the process and is coachable. We invest time and effort with you to help you along the way and we expect you to do the same – which is the strongest guarantee you can get!