The competitive mind loses, the creative mind wins…
- Wallace Wattles

After spending 20 yrs in the entertainment industry, always competing, comparing, and sometimes envying others – I had enough. You know, it was one of those moments where you know you know it’s time.

I had studied personal development for a while and quantum physics and spirituality trying to understand myself better. As that journey continued by meeting with and collaborating with the greatest minds in the personal development world, I started to recognize a uniqueness in me that I wasn’t aware of before. It probably always was there; I just was so busy competing, measuring, and comparing myself to others that I had completely lost track of it.

In this weeks video I will help you understand how to go from the competitive to the creative plane where quantum leaps are within reach.

And yet there it was, yearning me to be creative with my uniqueness taking what I had learned over those 20 yrs of performing magic and use it effectively as a way of communicating life-changing personal development lessons.

That was truly a creative idea; as far as I knew, no one had done it in this way before, and when I shared it with my friend and mentor Bob Proctor the first time we met, he helped light a fire under the idea, a feeling of inspiration I hadn’t experienced in years.

I was creating again after years of competing and comparing… Since then, out of that creative state, so many ideas have been born and continue to be born. The best part, anyone can do this.

To a new creative you,


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