From Impossible to I’m-Possible

From Bob Proctor’s Friday Insights Newsletter June 2019:

It seems fitting that an illusionist could serve as an example of how to make decades-old paradigms disappear, going from living in two suitcases to a joyful, happy life on all planes. This is the story Anders Hansen has lived and is now sharing with you, in the hopes that you too will make the same illusions disappear in your life.

Anders is an accomplished illusionist and entertainer. Over the last two decades, he’s entertained countless audiences on land and sea. Despite what most would consider a successful career, Anders was far from successful. He was overworked, sick, and always a bill behind. Living out of suitcases, cruise ship quarters, hotel rooms well over 200 days a year and rushing to catch over 400 flights a year on average had taken its toll on him – physically, emotionally and spiritually. He was the proverbial prisoner in Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave – the chains of daily life refraining him from perceiving or experiencing an alternative existence.

The illusionist who was living the illusion himself – ironic, isn’t it?

Despite arriving in the U.S. after having lost everything including his friends, business, and father that passed away and with only two suitcases left, he still at times experienced moments of clarity. While reading “The Secret” some 13 years ago, he started dreaming of creating the world’s first personal transformation seminar/show. An interactive experience that could both entertain and teach at the same time; Which he later copyrighted and named “Real Magic LIVE.” But daily life, compounded by his paradigms, kept him from realizing his dream. He believed that the only path to success was doing “everything on his own.”

Moreover, the thought of selling himself, and his knowledge was terrifying. Despite having the confidence to perform in front of thousands of strangers every night, Anders was chained by a paradigm that told him he lacked enough value to sell his knowledge and ideas to others. Let alone start teaching what he had been studying for years, namely personal transformation.

It was just a few short years ago that everything changed for Anders – he had a paradigm shift at “Paradigm Shift.” While attending the seminar, Anders experienced a mental and spiritual transformation. The paradigms previously holding him back were revealed. He started seeing things from a higher perspective. His illusions were being illuminated. Slowly, but surely, Anders began to understand that while he had to be the catalyst for starting a new journey in life, he could not succeed alone. He mentally entertained the idea of success, he acted as if by using his imagination creatively which resulted in him attracting all the right resources and committing himself to make his decade-old dream of “Real Magic LIVE” a reality. In doing so, Anders also realized the tremendous talent, knowledge, and value he could provide to others by bringing his interactive show/seminar to life.

Anders’s success is not an illusion. Since that fateful Paradigm Shift event, Anders has performed “Real Magic LIVE” in both Europe and the U.S. with sold-out events, as well as launching his coaching program that has helped people around the globe improve their lives. His social media following has grown to over 25,000 followers, and his mailing list includes people from over 80 different countries. Thanks to following a mantra of “prosperity truly happen in giving,” Not too long ago, Anders closed more sales in one week than he had ever earned in a whole year as a performer on cruise ships. Best of all, close to 100,000 children are now getting their food through his charity partner, a local food bank in Las Vegas.

Because it is not who you are that’s holding you back, it is the illusion of who you think you are NOT…

Written by Shawn Mangano

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