How to go from "busy" to "productive"

How often have you felt that time was slipping through your fingers, that you didn’t get “enough” done, or that you had 25 hours in the day?

The truth is, you and I and the world’s most successful people ALL have the same amount of time. Once we learn how to go from managing time and being busy to being productive instead, everything changes.

When you pay attention to how people use terms like “busy” and “multi-tasking,” they seem to wear them like a badge of honor, like it is a good thing. It’s just the opposite in my opinion; they are advertising the ignorance that their mind is in a complete state of chaos and that everything gets done 10%…

“Stress” isn’t something we “get”; it’s something we co-create by being “here” while mentally wanting to be “there.”

This week’s video is about how to change exactly that. How to go from being “busy” to being “productive” and thereby eliminating chaos, stress, and the feeling of being behind.
Let me know below if you are committed to using this technique on a daily basis. I promise you; it works – just like “Real Magic,” and your results will soon be an expression of it!

To your new productivity levels,

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