The Illusion of Fear… SUCH an important topic for you this week. Is it the fear of success, failure, or something else entirely keeping you from living your best life?

 There is a distinction to make between, let’s say, the fear you experience when you parachute out of a plane the first time, and the fear you experience when moving towards your goals and does something out of your comfort zone.

Thrill Seeking Moments

For reasons unbeknownst to me at the time, I always had this urge to push my limits when it came to fear, having tried anything from parachuting,

bungy jumping (In a jungle in Thailand with rusty equipment), to being “burned alive” as part of a live mega illusion I did in Denmark years ago. 

What it did teach me, however, was that when I later did get laid off from jobs, I wouldn’t say I liked, when my future seemed uncertain, when I spoke on stage the first time or when I left my home country in favor of the unknown; I had found an upper threshold for fear that I believe most people never find. I realize that now, looking back at it.

Do you have a threshold of fear that enables you to plow through, keep moving, and that helps make success nothing but inevitable for you? 

 In this newsletter video today, we uncover the concept with an illusion, and you will learn how to switch your perception on any situation, turning fear from enemy to friend…

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