Law of Non-Resistance

“If you rally against war, I will not be there, but if you have a rally for peace - count me in”!
- Mother Theresa

From one second to the next, success or failure is co-created in your life and in mine. 

With our world changing faster than ever and with uncertainty lurking around every corner, the Law of Non-Resistance becomes more critical than ever. It will help you ALLOW more happiness, health, and wealth into your life – but you have to work FOR what you want and not subjectively fighting and resisting it.

At this juncture in space and time, with all the changes we have seen this year and continue to see, applying this law becomes more challenging than ever; however, the rewards you will reap will far outweigh the time spent. 

 What are you right now finding yourself resisting? Are you joining the “fight” against a virus, political candidate, or maybe the unmade bed your partner leaves behind? 

Water is persistent and non-resistant at the same time. 

Hence it’s power to carve out natural wonders.

 Whatever it is, you resist it, and whatever you resist, persist (at least in your consciousness). It’s like drinking poison and hoping something terrible happens to the other person… 

 In today’s video, I cover the five concepts to apply, which will help you bring The Law of Non-Resistance into your life. 

 To allowing MORE on all planes, 


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