Real Magic is what happens when energy is being directed toward a purpose and transforms into physical results...

We are proud to serve our community, clients and participants alongside each other with the purpose of helping millions of people globally, lead better, richer and more fulfilling lives.

Anders Hansen

Founder and CEO of Real Magic

Christina Larsen

Real Magic Success Coach

Pascal Jacobsen

Real Magic Success Coach

Dennis E. Kristensen

Real Magic Success Coach

Marie Baagøe

Client Support Coach

Rikke Gramkow

Client Success Manager and Director of Events

Chalotte Charnell

Certified Real Magic Coaching Trainer

Trish Gilliam

Director of Marketing

Alejandro Gonzalez

Director of Media

Becca Hanson

Director of Operations

Demo Casanova

Executive Producer and Director of live and virtual events


Technical Assistant

Becky Longoria




David Wang

Real Magic Coach