My Three Favorite Illusions

The word “illusion” is defined as something that is wrongfully perceived or interpreted by our senses. For many years, I was consumed with CREATING these illusions, getting people to see something that wasn’t true.

After 20 years of doing that, it did start to become quite unfulfilling. I knew there was more to life than just being met with “how did you do the trick”? I had for 15 years been studying personal development after I moved from Denmark to the US, where I changed my life profoundly in the process.

I realized how we are deceiving ourselves ALL the time and that it didn’t take the work of an illusion to do it. We are ALREADY doing it to ourselves all day, every day.

How so, do you ask? Let me explain:
The illusions happen in your mind at a very specific moment when you become aware of something happening that is in contract with your ASSUMPTIONS about how that was supposed to happen.

So the illusion doesn’t happen on stage; it happens in your mind! In this week’s Insights to Impossible, I share my three favorite illusions with you from my award-winning live experience, Real Magic LIVE. Not only do I share what they are, but I also share the impact of overcoming them and what that can do for you. Click below right away!

Being at Real Magic LIVE IS a life-changing experience, so I would encourage you to click below and check out our upcoming events so you can secure your seat!


To overcoming illusions in your life,


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