Overcoming Mental Illusions

The Most Powerful Mental Illusion and How to Overcome it 

You probably know what you want out of life; you may even desire it with all of your heart… However, that is not enough. Another factor is often overlooked when it comes to goal setting and goal achievement, and that is expectation. 
 Desire is what gets us going in the right direction; an expectant attitude for its achievement is what makes the goal move toward us. That is not an exaggeration; it is exactly what happens. 

 Thoughts – Feelings – Actions – Reaction/attraction = Results! 

Most people desire better but expect worse, hence stagnant results. Maybe you can relate to that in your own life? 

 I sure can, but I also remember times when I had set a goal, having NO idea how to achieve it, but my attitude was one of expecting success regardless, and of course, it moved into physical form. 
 Luck is defined as what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. In this Week’s Insights to Impossible, you’ll learn how to prepare – so that “luck” and great results are yours. 
 Expect an abundance, 

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