Experience an Exclusive Master Mind Retreat

Are you prepared to take your next quantum leap?
Step away from the illusions that are clouding your mind and holding back your potential. Join Anders Hansen in the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica to experience the power of an exclusive Master Mind retreat with the Real Magic Team.

Align with your true self as you spring forward in your life and your career. Are you ready to move to the next level, but still searching for clarity on how to make that leap? Real Magic Invigoration is thoughtfully designed for established for professionals who are looking to take their results to the next level. Bring all your plans, dreams, and ambitions. Together, we will discover how to bring them to life.
The Real Magic Invigoration experience is also ideal for innovators and disruptors, anyone who has awakened to a grand idea ready to be realized. If you struggle for guidance to act on your insights and feel you lack clarity and guidance, Real Magic Invigoration will help create a plan and a path for you and your future results.

Anders Hansen is here to help you find the way. Join the Real Magic Team for 10 unforgettable days of self-care, self-discovery and quantum leap breakthroughs. Apply now to join the Real Magic Invigoration retreat.

An All-Inclusive Experience

Real Magic Invigoration is an all-inclusive retreat, excluding your travel to and from Costa Rica. Your entire retreat experience is streamlined so you can give your full attention to your journey and your guides for this exclusive experience.

Real Magic Invigoration is designed to create vibrant happiness and help you feel good. Pause for one week in the relaxing luxury of Costa Rica, then feel yourself fall back into alignment with your higher self. Apply now to join this exclusive retreat.

Enjoy Luxurious Amenities

Once you arrive in beautiful Costa Rica, your Real Magic Invigoration experience includes everything you need to grow and achieve.
This entertaining but relaxing retreat is thoughtfully designed to align your entire being, allowing your energy to flow effortlessly throughout your life.

Dedicated leaders and innovators understand the value of investing in themselves. You must prioritize your own development and well-being to reach the next level of your personal development. Real Magic Invigoration is a powerful opportunity to invest in yourself, both financially and through self-care, mindfulness, and well-deserved pampering.

Count on the Real Magic Team to provide:
To preserve the integrity of the retreat, we are only able to accommodate ten participants.
If you are called to this opportunity, don’t hesitate to fulfill your true potential.

What To Expect At

Real Magic Invigoration

Each day offers its own lessons. Anders Hansen and the Real Magic team have crafted a proven routine that guides you through your transformation with gentle structure. A sample of each day’s agenda includes:
Apply now to be a special part of this exclusive personal and professional transformation experience.