Releasing “Problems”

Make ANY Emotional “Knot” In Your Life Disappear With This Technique

How often have you wished you could call on a higher power to come to take away your problems and issues facing you? 

Don’t we tend to look for the solution outside of ourselves, hoping someone or something could swing by and make it all go away? 

What if I told you that there IS a magical formula for making ANY problem in your life go away? Would you even believe me? 

There IS, and it works like magic ALL the time. In fact, in this week’s Insights to Impossible, you receive a tangible technique that will help you release any problems and emotional “knots” from your life. 


Are you ready? Set aside 10 min. Watch the video, and rewatch it a few times. Then go out and try it yourself. 

“All problems are just an illusion of the mind”
- Eckhart Tolle.

Abracadabra… Which means in Hebrew, “I create as I speak.”

Now it’s your turn to make Real Magic…

Anders Hansen


To learn more about what the Real Magic Coaching Program can do for you and your future, click down below!

English Page Click HERE

Danish Page Click HERE

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