Recap the best RML on the books

There IS something in the air. I’ve never entirely been able to grasp what exactly triggers it, but the fact is at Real Magic LIVE – the energy IS electrifying. Expectations, mind-bending illusions, new insights, positive emotional impacts, and goals full-filled. Though I’m certain, it is not an extensive list.

The human connection is real; it is energy as real as anything solid we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch and yet almost always completely discounted.

Magical Moments

 Maybe then, it is that collective expectation of quantum leaps that truly cause the breakthroughs to happen? Was it the collective expectation that inspired Eva to stand up on Friday to share her goal of becoming a published author and then to manifest an opportunity the very same weekend? 

Was it the collective energy a year ago that caused Trine to make a radical life change to a point where her entire life is transformed today. Or how about Lone, who overcame a very serious illness and is living her dream life now on so many levels?

I’m not entirely sure yet, what the common denominator is, though for each day that goes by and for each successful Real Magic LIVE event held, I’m becoming more and more intrigued and inspired to find out… 
What IS that intangible, unseen force that ALWAYS works?

It is for enlargement if we think enlargement, it is FOR limitation if we think limitation. Expect a miracle; what you can hold in your mind, you can hold in your hand! 

Anders Hansen

Thank you to everyone that made this
our best event to date!


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