The 5 Most Powerful Lessons
I learned from Bob Proctor

"If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand"
- Bob Proctor.

While our dear friend, mentor, and “light-house” to millions, Bob Proctor, has moved onto the next phase of his eternal journey, his timeless teachings will remain; Impacting millions more for generations to come.

A mentor is someone that sees more potential and talent in you than you see in yourself, and then they help bring it out of you. That was what Bob helped me do. He believed in me when no one else did. He saw the talent that I failed to recognize myself, and most importantly, he saw I needed guidance, and he stepped in to help me lead myself…

At the time, I had never earned more than $40,000 a year and was struggling on all fronts when we sat down for tea on January 2nd, 2017. The following year, I had earned over $400,000 and the next over $1,000,000. That was a LONG way away from where I was at the time, and that was just in ONE area of my life. Everything started to improve both personally and professionally as I did EXACTLY what he told me.

When someone impacts your life like that, you feel you owe them such an enormous debt of gratitude that is almost hard to express in words. All you want to do is share it.

That is precisely what I decided to do for this month’s Insights to Impossible Newsletter, where you receive the top 5 lessons he taught me and some tips to apply them to your life. While I learned HUNDREDS of lessons from Bob, I believe these five would have the most value for you right now.

In addition to those five lessons, we also have a GREAT month coming up with free training, tools, and tips to help you stay on course and create Real Magic in your life – honoring Bob, by helping as many as we possibly can, including you to create the goals and live the life that you desire.

På Dansk: Gratis træning d. 14-18. Marts “5 Dage til et Rigere Liv” – tilmeld dig her: KLIK HER FOR 5-DAY

In English: I have recorded for you a 60 min. training around how to Create Real Magic in your life right now click HERE to view.

Do you want to participate in the Real Magic Gratitude Challenge? Click HERE!

My mom gave me life, my dad taught me how to dream, but Mr. Bob, you most certainly taught me how to fly in a way I believe no one else could have done.

With a heart forever rooted in deep gratitude for you,

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