The Law
of Receiving

“From abundance they took abundance, and still abundance remained” – The Upanishads

You want more. I know you do. That’s the essence of you and me, seeking expression with and through us here on the physical plane. That is a healthy sign. Abundance IS your birthright; limitations and lack are taught.

I had to lose everything in my life until I learned what it truly means to be rich. Although that might seem like a contradiction, it is exactly what happened.

Today, I cover the four steps that we need to have in mind to create more in our lives. They are simple yet missed and overlooked by the majority of the population. Isn’t that evident in most people’s results?

Join me here in this week’s Insights to Impossible:

Now that you are aware of the four steps, it’s time to start integrating them into your life, and to do that; I’d like to encourage you to download my Abundance Meditation below, as well as the text “The Spirit of Opulence.” Both will help you tremendously build that new opulent mindset that gets the Law of Receiving to work in your life.

Today and each day forward, expect and abundance,


English Abundance Meditation click HERE to download. “The Spirit of Opulence” click HERE to download.

Danish Abundance Meditation click HERE to download. 

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