The Law of Sacrifice and Why Most People Miss it

Did you know that one of the biggest components of manifestation is letting go OFF and not taking ON? That’s right! There is a law that governs your growth to an enormous degree, and it’s an often overlooked part of any personal development training.

It’s the Law of Sacrifice. Once we fully understand it, it loses its negative connotation and becomes a compelling and positive concept indeed.

Before we can reasonably expect ANY better results, we have to create space for it. My great friend and mentor Bob Proctor call this concept “The Vacuum Law of Prosperity.” I can tell you from personal experience that it is one of the most powerful concepts I have used to make progress in my life. The best part; it will be just as effective, if not even more, in yours!

That’s why I decided to include it in a series of training calls I did recently. You can access it right here!
Remember the three areas of your life that you should put all your focus on now:
  1. Things
  2. People
  3. Habits
Using this law in these three areas will make magic happen in your life. Let me know below how you found this to work; I’m excited to hear how it served you.

Releasing our way to success,

PS: Make SURE you lean forward into success and not backward into conformity. Apply for an intensive and transformational 1:1 Coaching session right here:

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