The Magic of a Giving Heart

As published in Bob Proctor’s Friday Insights Newsletter, December 14th, 2018

A seemingly homeless boy around ten from Bangkok Thailand ended up changing my perception of life and what it means to truly be a “rich” person…

For 20 years, I had the privilege of deceiving my audiences, their senses, and perception of reality as a professional illusionist on cruise ships and TV. After two decades of building my ego and chasing the “How did he do the trick” moment, it just wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I had been busy chasing so many illusions not realizing I had turned into a spiritually poor, angry, resentful and bitter version of myself in the process.

Years ago, I was performing on a 5-star cruise ship, and one day we docked in the city of Bangkok in Thailand. As we wrapped up the show onboard that night, my dancers and technicians were going ashore to experience “One Night in Bangkok”… The show hadn’t gone as I would have liked, and on those days when it didn’t, I usually stayed behind to look over the recordings to find someone or something to blame… This time I didn’t for some unbeknownst reason and I reluctantly went with my team.

After “half a night” in Bangkok, I decided it was time to get back to the ship and walked by way back instead of taking a cab. With my senses slightly impaired, my foot got caught under a piece of pavement sticking up as I was walking and my entire body fell to the ground…There I was, lying with my face planted in the road and dirty water from the street staining my clothes.

That is when I met a truly rich person who in hindsight ended up changing my perception on the life I was living…

“Sir, Sir are you OK? Are you OK? Need help?”

Still lying down, I looked up, and this young boy, around 10 years old looked down on me, sincerely concerned and insisting on helping me get back up.

After getting back on my feet, I started to analyze the situation, and I couldn’t help but think what such a young boy was doing out this late. I asked him where he lived, and he pointed to a makeshift “house” on the side of the street. It was nothing but 4-5 big plates held together and a roof that looked like it was going to collapse any second.

Here I was, heading back to a 5-star cruise ship on which I was a fly-on performer with guest privileges… And here is this young boy, living on the street asking ME if I was ok?!? It was like a bucket of ice was thrown on my face, and in that instant, my perception shifted. The contrast between our lives couldn’t possibly have been any bigger and yet he was the rich person, with the magic of a giving heart asking if I was ok…

As uncomfortable as it was, I recognized that for years, I had used my perception to look for what I didn’t have which put me in a negative vibration and caused me to attract more of what I didn’t want. This one moment provoked me to stop up, and look for what I DID have and truly appreciate it. Ever since gratitude has become a big part of my life, and I have made it a habit of looking for places to help and causes to contribute to which has changed my life and the people in it, so profoundly. I believe it is in large parts because of my shift in perception.

So far, through our Real Magic LIVE seminars here in Las Vegas and abroad, we have helped my charity partner create close to 10,000 meals for children and families in need. Looking back on my journey it all started with an unlikely question in a foreign place by a 10-yr old boy… “Sir, are you ok?”

Are you ready to experience the magic of a giving heart? Try and ask a stranger the question this young boy asked me, and you might end up experiencing Real Magic yourself…

– Anders Hansen

After a change in career, Anders Hansen now bridges two decades of experience as an international illusionist with the best of personal development through his online programs and Real Magic LIVE seminar/shows.

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