The Three Ways To Get an Idea Into Your Subconscious Mind

How do great leaders lead? Why does magic work? Why is it some ideas just “sticks” in our minds and some don’t? There are only three ways to fix an idea in a person’s subconscious mind: through either fascination, agreement, or shock.

Great leaders always work on agreement, and entertainers and illusionists like myself use fascination to get the point across. Naturally, we leave shock out of the picture, which is usually negative.

Fascination and agreement combined are the two keys to properly fix ideas in your subconscious mind so that they stick. Magic fascinates the mind and opens it up, in the moment of “what the heck just happened” – you can plant ANY idea in your mind so that it will stick and you will remember the concept.

Ever wondered how that combination plays out in real life? Here is an example of how The Illusion of Time is overcome through fascination and agreement:
The example above illustrates it so well, and that is why Real Magic LIVE is the success it is. Merging magic with personal transformation, we use the art of illusion to fascinate and open the mind. Then we make agreement with the personal transformation tools and concepts taught – creating an unbeatable and unparalleled experience.

I like to say that “magic makes the medicine taste better,” which is truly the case. If you could wave a magic wand right now and say “abracadabra,” what would you like to create? Financial freedom, peace and harmony in the mind, a great relationship, traveling the world?

Just know that whatever you desire, you can achieve it with the proper tools, guidance, and ideas planted in your mind. Why not leap forward into growth, let yourself become fascinated in a world of magic as you make agreement with the most powerful personal transformational material in the world?

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