Time Is An Illusion

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
-Albert Einstein

Time… This ever-elusive thing that keeps running and that we never seem to have enough of. How DO we get more of it, can it be managed, and how do you overcome that illusion all together? 

Did you know that the way you and I are taught to perceive time IS an illusion? We are conditioned to think that the past is behind us, the present is right here, and the future arrives… That, however, is NOT correct. The only thing you and I have and that we need to work with is this moment. Furthermore, according to quantum physics, time EXPANDS from the present moment – in both directions simultaneously. That’s a pretty big idea that took me 13 yrs to figure out how to illustrate with an illusion. 

Tune in here, and let’s uncover “The Illusion of Time” together, as I performed it at Bob Proctor’s seminar last year! 

After learning that you cannot manage time, only yourself and your activities, and that “stress” IS one’s own inability to manage thoughts, feelings, and actions, everything fell into place for me. 

Following the technique outlined below, you can learn to manage your activities in a way that frees up time for you and makes you so much more productive. 

  1.  Before going to bed tonight, write six things out that have to do with your goal and that you can act on tomorrow—writing them down the night before cause your subjective mind to work on them while you sleep.  
  2. Prioritize them in order of importance, 1-6. 
  3. Tomorrow morning, focus on number 1, and ONLY number 1. When things, circumstances, notifications, and other people want your attention, resist the urge to react and stay focused and on track. Once you have completed number 1, move on to number 2 and to forth. 

With this system, you have switched from managing time, which is an illusion, to managing yourself, your mind, and your activities. I guarantee you it works; I’ve done it, continue to do it, and continue to reap the rewards for doing so.

This system is simple, which is the reason why it works. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful techniques I know when it comes to overcoming The Illusion of Time in your life and starting creating from this beautiful, everlasting, present moment, which is all there is, and ever will be! 


Anders Hansen

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