Money has taken up a respectable amount of mental capacity in most people since the first coin was fashioned. Money is like good health; we tend to worry about it to the extent that we do not have it.

In this week’s Insights to Impossible, you will learn the truth about money and the laws that govern its earnings so that you can create a quantum leap in your financial affairs. 

Money is an idea, an energetic exchange – nothing more. It’s the Universe in action! The paper bills you and I treat as money is merely the symbol… This is something I never understood the truth of. Let me digress; I understood the meaning intellectually, NOT emotionally. I had not integrated the knowledge with my behavior and therefore my results always stayed the same for over 20 years. How is your relationship with money? Could it get better? You see, it will never go where it is not welcomed, let alone stay where it is not invited to stay…. 

The moment I did learn the truth and got open and honest with myself, everything shifted, and I turned my annual income into my monthly income in less than a year. Anyone can, but we need to understand the basic concepts first, which we are covering today. 

Join me as we dive deeper into the topic of money with; you guessed it, some illusions! 

To a new prosperous you, 

Anders Hansen

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