Why Death is an Illusion…

Would you celebrate the age of your car, each year growing more and more worried about the time you have left with it?

No, right?
Why is it then that we as humans do the same with our bodies, letting ourselves, our priorities, and life be defined by it?

You and I are spiritual beings, having a physical experience, all while gifted with an intellect. We moved into the body; we’re going to move out of it, but claiming that a person is “dead” is absurd. They moved out of the body, sure, but they didn’t cease to exist. Nothing in this universe does. EVERYTHING merely changes its rate of vibration.

Why is this relevant to you and your goals, you ask? It is because that means if nothing is created or destroyed, ALL you need to manifest your goal is here too, and you can learn how to “download” all of this knowledge and use it.

That process is what this week’s Insights to Impossible is all about.
Below are some images of a beautiful day where my family and I celebrated the physical life of my mom, and we are cheering her on as she continues her wonderful eternal journey as a spiritual being.

Do you have a counsel of invisible advisors? Spiritual guides? The universe, God? Many labels same thing!

Let me know below – I’d love to hear about your experience with the Illusion we call death.

With eternal grateful love and energy,

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