Why Wanting More
Is Never The Answer

How often have you heard yourself say that you WANT this or that kind of outcome whether that be health, wealth, or happiness? Throughout the month of October, we are going to focus on the spirit of opulence and how to create MORE in our lives as I’m sure you too WANT more…

Wanting more though is not the key to getting more. The entire cosmos, from the stars and the galaxies to the individual expressions of us, with the blood in our veins; the entire scheme of things is run by circulation.

That is why wanting more isn’t the answer to getting more. Giving more, however, IS the answer and you are already rich. Now before you mentally object and dismiss this idea, stay with me and watch the video below. It will make a lot of sense to you.

The phrase “givers gain” holds a lot of truth to it as it comes to abundance. You don’t GET more because you want more, you RECEIVE more because you RELEASE more by giving more. 

To help speed up that process for you, I have recorded an “Abundance Meditation” that will help you with exactly this. You can download it here:  

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