Anders bridges personal development and the art of illusion through his programs and in his Real Magic LIVE events, using magic as a vehicle to bring the concepts to life in an educational, engaging, and entertaining way.

Having collaborated and co-created a program, The Secret to Real Magic, with his friend Bob Proctor, a worldwide renowned pioneer in personal development, Anders masterfully bridges two decades of entertainment experience with the absolute best of personal development.
After leaving his native country of Denmark in 2006 and moving to the US, he lost everything.

In a fortunate series of events, he was given a book,

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,”

One year later, he was producing and performing illusion shows on cruise ships worldwide, asking himself one question:
“How did this happen”?

That sent him on a journey studying personal development, quantum physics, spirituality until he reached a point where magic shows and getting the audience to ask themselves the question;
“How did he do the trick”?

Just wasn’t fulfilling to anymore.

Putting all the tools he learned through his years of studying quantum physics, spirituality, and personal development, to a test, he managed to attract Bob Proctor into his life on December 30th, 2016, and that is when the birth of a new concept was born…

Personal  transformation meets magic.

Today, Anders is a product of his own product

and is passionately helping others overcome their illusions so they can step out and create quantum leap results in their own lives.


Hard to imagine? Let’s put YOU to the test! During this 10-Day challenge Anders Hansen shows you how with very little effort, you can make small adjustments to your mornings that will change the outlook of your entire life!