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How have our programs exceeded your expectations?

On ALL levels. Personally, mentally, business, family and my other relationships.

Which lesson have you learned through working with us at Real Magic that you've found most impactful in your life?

What lesson have you learned…….: The whole understanding of how the mind works and how I should be able to create the reality that I want to live in

What has been your favorite aspect of working with us in our coaching programs?

The combination of video, audio and group calls

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining a Real Magic coaching program?

Just do it! Take your fear lovingly in hand and jump into it. It’s getting wilder than you can even imagine right now.

How is your life now compared to what it was prior to joining a Real Magic coaching program?

It can not be compared at all !! I have gone from mediocrity to an explosion of energy and everything in my life is running as I wish – and I continue to screw up with ease.

Welcome to

Real Magic Miracles​

Voltaire once said that the word “Miracle” is a word used to describe known effects of unknown causes…. Goals and achievements made in virtually ANY area of life are expressions of changing the internal leading cause of results, the paradigms, and mental programs in our subjective mind. The stories and results on this page could easily be perceived as “miracles” or “luck” for the people who live in ignorance and believe that the invisible side of their personality (their mindset) is the least important.

And then there are the small 1% group of people, the minority who knows and understands that the more they invest in themselves and their own development, the more Real Magic Miracles they can create and continue to create.

As you read through the stories, testimonials, and observations, I encourage you to relate yourself to them. You are JUST like any one of these beautiful souls, and we are proud to feature them here.

Hopefully, this page will inspire you to finally go for that dream that you have in your heart. The choices you make today will shape your tomorrow.

If you have been or are a participant in our programs and have any breakthrough to share, feel free to fill in the form below, and you might be the next featured “Real Magic Miracle” on this page.

Fiji's Coral Reefs Are Becoming Lively Again!

Published: March 16st 2021

After the most destructive cyclone in Fijian history smashed into the island four years ago, it was feared the rich coral reefs surrounding the island would never recover.

WCS Fiji-chapter expedition leader Dr. Sangeeta Mangubhai said in a statement: “We saw large areas of reef covered by branching corals all roughly the same size and likely to be around four years in age. These new corals are covering surfaces and are providing new habitat for fish.”

Along with brightly colored corals, the area was teeming with tropical fish and other sea life. This is crucial to parts of the Fijian population which depend on the bounty of the sea and the reefs for income and food security.

Copenhagen first "Parkipelago" floating islands!

Published: March 6st 2021

A series of floating islands, crafted using traditional building materials, are being planned as the country’s first “parkipelago.”

According to the practice the islands can connect together to create one large platform during winter months and for special events such as festivals.

The presentation website dreams big, claiming that once more islands are finished (three new islands are slated to float in spring 2021), the entire parkipelago will be home to floating gardens, floating saunas, floating mussel farms, and a floating sail-in café—all of which can be explored for free.

Published: March 1st 2021

Zero Rhinos Poached in Kenya In 2020

Not one single Rhino was poached last year in Kenya which has not happened since 1999. Good reports coming from South Africa as well, states that poaching the African Rhino has lowered 33% from the previous year.

A contributing factor to this has been travel restrictions limiting travel to these regions. At least African Rhinos are thriving during these times.
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