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Voltaire once said that the word “Miracle” is a word used to describe known effects of unknown causes….

Goals and achievements made in virtually ANY area of life are expressions of changing the internal leading cause of results, the paradigms, and mental programs in our subjective mind.

The stories and results on this page could easily be perceived as “miracles” or “luck” for the people who live in ignorance and believe that the invisible side of their personality (their mindset) is the least important.

And then there are the small 1% group of people, the minority who knows and understands that the more they invest in themselves and their own development, the more Real Magic Miracles they can create and continue to create.

As you read through the stories, testimonials, and observations, I encourage you to relate yourself to them. You are JUST like any one of these beautiful souls, and we are proud to feature them here.

Hopefully, this page will inspire you to finally go for that dream that you have in your heart. The choices you make today will shape your tomorrow.

If you have been or are a participant in our programs and have any breakthrough to share, feel free to fill in the form below, and you might be the next featured “Real Magic Miracle” on this page.


Read all about this month’s story shared by a Real Magic member. Published February 1st, 2021

Steph Godfrey 

How my son magically made
an Autism diagnosis disappear 

 To understand where we are today, I have to start our story in 2018 when I sought help from a retired educational child psychologist. My son Osian had developed repetitive speech, OCD, anxiety, depression, a stutter, and sensory issues including smell, taste, touch, and noise.
The psychologist’s opinion was that Osian had high-functioning autism. His traits would become more apparent as he got older. We needed to get him formally diagnosed to get support with CBT, his behavior assessed possible treatment with medication, and potential restrictions his entire life. He was written off at the age of 5 with mental health issues. 

My once so enigmatic, engaging, happy boy was now struggling; I thought we’d meet the expert so that Osian would get tools to help him; however, we were now told this was his life, and we had to accept it. Both his dad and I couldn’t accept it and didn’t take it further.

The psychologist was right, Osian’s traits became more apparent over time, and he found life a struggle. He feared everything, gatherings, loud noises, and school to name a few. He had no interest in family or friends and averted eye contact in forced conversations, except with his dad and me, where his eye contact was intense. If we averted our eyes while he spoke, he’d have to start the conversation again and usually repeat it four times. He stayed in his room when anyone visited and would get annoyed with me once they left.

Mornings had to go like clockwork; OCD rituals had to be done without interruption or rushing; otherwise, Osian would cry and possibly have a panic attack. Our life became very restricted, and Osian was too scared to live his life. He would chew holes anxiously through his clothes and often spoke with a stutter. 

Fast forward to May 2021, after a year of struggling with my mental health and his dad and I far from amicable, Osian became angry towards me, saying he hated me, didn’t love me, and wanted to live with his dad. That night I didn’t know how I could live with the prospect of not having my son in my everyday life and decided to find a mentor to help us.
Within days I came across Anders and Real Magic and joined. In 2 weeks, the Magic began to happen, and Osian started to open up; he said, “these people are making you happy. Can you make me happy, please, mum? I couldn’t ask you before because you were sad.” 

Wiping his tears, I asked Osian where his thoughts were while in school; he said he didn’t want to live anymore; my thought went straight to his coming teenage years with hormones and the knowledge that I feared I’d lose my son. While at his dad’s, the next day, I rang Osian to tell him school was over for however long it took. He cried himself to sleep in his dad’s arms.

The following months have been what can only be described as real Magic; Osian no longer has repetitive speech, OCD, a stutter, or sensory issues. He has been in social situations and thrived, including long conversations with strangers over lunch at a wedding and throughout the day.
Osian has learned to ride a bicycle and loud petrol quad bikes and now has his own. Family and friends have commented they can’t see autism in him, and a friend asked if children can outgrow autism. Great question, something I never thought of. He now has a cheeky sense of humor, can hold his own in conversation, likes to try new things, loves being in nature, and often says he loves his life. Osian now has relationships with family and friends.

Within a short time of studying Anders’ material, my sons future went from bleak with potential restrictions to a future of infinite possibilities and a life path he gets to choose with freedom with a childhood of using the Real Magic material. 

To write this came with resistance, but it taught me a lot; this story is Osian’s, and his journey in life is his own. I have deep gratitude for Anders and Real Magic and experiencing how powerful and life-changing the material is and how much it has transformed our lives. I sought counsel in my family who said we couldn’t keep this to ourselves. What we learned can help someone else take the leap of faith with Anders and the Real Magic programs and transform their lives totally and for their children to see life as magical as Osian now does.  

Read all about this month’s story shared by a Real Magic member. Published December 6th, 2021

How did I reach a point where I no longer wanted to be part of this world?

2019 was a disastrous and chaotic year for myself and my family. Let me create a bit of a timeline here to unfold that for you.

In January, my father was diagnosed with incurable cancer. I had already lost both my mother and my only brother to that disease, so when I heard the word “incurable” it was enough to kickstart all of my old paradigms…. and they were no good!

In March, my husband had one large and two small blood clots in the heart, and the next day he also had a blood clot in the brain.

In April, our beloved little cat and family member, Balou, was run over and died.

In May, my husband was put in the Danish health system’s “cancer package” (intense focus on patients with symptoms of cancer) and was hospitalized for three weeks where he also had surgery.

On the night of June 2, our 13-year-old son was assaulted because he refused to buy snuff and alcohol! Later that night the door to our bedroom was torn open and someone shouted: “Vibeke, you have to get up!!! Your daughter is threatening to take her own life!”. I staggered dazed out of bed and out into the hallway, where I vaguely registered my son standing in the bathroom throwing up. Downstairs in the living room, our daughter was lying on the couch and I could see that she was a complete mess. Among other things she said: “Mom, I do not want to be here anymore. No one benefits from me being alive”. I hugged her and wanted to comfort her but in that same moment, I had to throw up because my body could not take any more! I ended up having to ask others to take care of her and drive her to get help. That night left deep scars in my family.

On June 18, my husband had to go in an ambulance once again, this time with an acute kidney stones attack.

On November 30, I myself was checked in at the hospital because the doctors wanted to offer me one last possible treatment for my many years, 33 to be exact, of high blood pressure but my intuition screamed NO THANK YOU and I let the doctors know my final decision to not take anymore medicine with excessive side effects and no guaranteed effect.

On December 18 I had a check-up with my own doctor. My blood pressure in those days was around 220/125. The doctor told me: “Vibeke, you HAVE to quit your job and apply for early retirement pension. I drove straight to my workplace and quit my job.

That was an account of my family’s 2019. I remember crying on New Year’s Eve feeling like the biggest failure in the world.

Now, let me take you back to March 5 2020, where I had the pills in my hand, ready to say goodbye to this world but I suddenly stopped what I was doing and I made the DECISION that no one should “find me like this” and live with that image of me for the rest of their lives. I DECIDED that I wanted to LEARN instead of SUFFER. I wanted to explore how the stick person could help me deal with the many traumatic family episodes I experienced in just one year. And little did I know, that little figure was going to save my life…

Already after three months, the doctors could see that my blood pressure had dropped significantly. They were amazed, and wanted to know who this person, Anders Hansen, whom I kept mentioning to them, was?

In May 2020, an idea came to me, that if the stick person could do so much for me, then it had to also be able to help others in the same way; stay focused on their goals, inner power, thought control etc. The idea for the jewelry came to me, but so did ALL of my old paradigms. Could I really do this? What would others think of me? Where would the money come from etc. However, I decided to go for it and trust in myself – and the stick person!

Fast forward to August 2020, when my husband and I co-founded my company ByVibs (www.ByVibs.dk). In November 2020, my blood pressure was so much better that it was enough I saw my own doctor for check-ups which was such a relief after all those years with frequent check-ups at the hospital!

In the same month, I held a 3-day workshop “Design Your Dreamlife” with a friend. Today, I have given lectures. Spoken in front of 300 people. Before I was introduced to Anders and his material just the thought of speaking in public would make me feel like throwing up. I have also designed more than 11 different patented pieces of jewelry as well as larger handmade forged figures. An IM-possible goal for me just one year ago.

I had to hit rock bottom before I realized the gift I was born with, the gift we are all born with. Had I not attended Anders Hansen’s Real Magic LIVE event in May 2019, I am convinced that I would not be alive today to tell you my story and the challenges I have had to overcome. But the journey sure has been worth it all.

Because now I KNOW that we can all transform our life… if we really WANT to. I lam excited about my future now. I dream BIG and I am forever grateful that Bob Proctor’s material found its way into my life via Anders Hansen.

There is a life before and after Real Magic LIVE.

Today, I am the protagonist of my own life and not just an extra.

In deep gratitude,


On ALL levels. Personally, mentally, business, family and my other relationships.


What lesson have you learned…….: The whole understanding of how the mind works and how I should be able to create the reality that I want to live in


Just do it! Take your fear lovingly in hand and jump into it. It’s getting wilder than you can even imagine right now.


The combination of video, audio and group calls


It can not be compared at all !! I have gone from mediocrity to an explosion of energy and everything in my life is running as I wish – and I continue to screw up with ease.


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- Louisa Kaisen

This is a mind-blowing event. I learned so much from Anders. Do yourself the biggest favor ever and join one of Anders Hansen’s events.

- THOMAS møller

The Secret to Real Magic program is really growing on me. It’s f@cking awesome! I’ve reached the point where I’m getting all consumed by the content and never ever want to stop!! Realizing how much potential I have and that I’m now only scratching the surface.

- Mike Mckeys

Anders combines and focuses ideas of spirituality, wealth, and a divine idea of how to practice living authentically and harmoniously with ourselves and others while also implementing tools to help better navigate this existence.

- Stacy Phillips

Refreshing, authentic, the real deal, Anders really gets to the bottom of what is going on when we feel stuck in any area of our lives. His perspective on the wonderful and sometimes mysterious science of thought, science of consciousness, and the impact these have on how we live our lives is an enlightening one.

– Aaron Phillips

ABSOLUTELY yes to the highest exponent! This is a life-changing experience that you CAN NOT pass up to get to where you dream of being TODAY!

- Vibeke Lybech

I think every child should be etched these principles. Then we would live in a peaceful, loving world where every child knows they are loved and able to become EXACTLY what they want. The sky is the limit! Thank you for this life-changing event, Anders.

- Jacque LaCroix

Anders seminar has been EXTRAORDINARY! He has helped open doors to the subconscious mind, and has provided insights into the amazing potential of the human spirit! I would highly recommend working with Anders! Don’t miss the opportunity take action and motivation will certainly follow!

- Nicolai Severin

I had an amazing experience with Anders, and he’s truly authentic and present with the material he puts forth. I feel his passion, and I love the way he presents them. GO ANDERS – thank you for this weekend. If you go and see Anders, you’ll be well on your way to have a good solid look at some of your limiting beliefs and get some concrete tools to overcome them.

Magical Moments

Real Magic Moments

A picture is worth more than a thousand words and we are grateful to have been able to facilitate so many memorable “mental pictures”at Real Magic LIVE, In our programs and from various virtual events.

This is a snapshot – enjoy!


Hard to imagine? Let’s put YOU to the test! During this 10-Day challenge Anders Hansen shows you how with very little effort, you can make small adjustments to your mornings that will change the outlook of your entire life!