5 Secrets to Creating
Real Magic in Your Life

You need more than inspiration — you need the right tools and knowledge to un-learn your limiting beliefs.

Join me for a riveting, transformative online presentation and discover “The 5 Secrets to Creating Real Magic In Your Life.”

4 Days to Freedom

How to Break Your Illusions and Unlock Your Personal Freedom

FREE 4-day training on re-wiring your mindset to achieve personal and financial freedom.

Build your foundation for personal growth and create REAL magic in the process.

The Illusion of Assumptions

What’s the difference between a
magic trick and an illusion?

A magic trick is meant to amaze you — but an illusion can hold you back from achieving your goals.

In this video, Anders will show you how a simple trick can teach you a greater bit of wisdom about yourself.

The world can be chaotic, and it can be a challenge to separate your illusions from reality.Gratitude is a powerful tool.

It enables you to recognize your true power and use REAL magic to manifest your dream life.

Join the 10-day challenge to develop a daily gratitude practice that will invite calmness, peace,
and prosperity into your life.

Are the obstacles to your
dream life even real?

Odds are they are merely illusions — ones you can overcome by harnessing your true power and breaking through the barrier between you and your potential!

In this eBook you’ll learn the three primary illusions that are holding you back from your goals.

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Hard to imagine? Let’s put YOU to the test! During this 10-Day challenge Anders Hansen shows you how with very little effort, you can make small adjustments to your mornings that will change the outlook of your entire life!